The 122nd Session of China Import and Export Fair Opens

The Press Conference for the opening of the 122nd session of China Import and Export Fair was held in Canton Fair Complex in the morning of  last Oct 14th.

Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, has pointed out that, in this year, the global economy has shown positive momentum and deflation of major economies has been relieved. And “China still has serious economic structural imbalances and suffers from rising cost of production factors and accelerated transfer of industries and orders”, he added.

The 122nd Canton Fair remains the same and exhibition size steady. The 122nd session will still be held in three phases with a total exhibition area of 1.185 million square meters and 60,466 booths. There are 25,049 exhibiting companies from home and abroad.

Phase 1 started from Oct 15th to 19th,showing Electronics and Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Products,Vehicles Spare Parts, Machinery, Hardware & Tools, Building Materials,Chemical Products and Energy Products.

Phase 2 started from Oct 23rdto 27th, showing Daily Consumer Goods, Gifts and Home Decoration Products.

Phase 3 starts from Oct 31st to Nov 4th,showing Textile and Garment, Shoes, Cases and Bags, Recreation Products,Medicine and Healthcare Products and Food.

16 categories of products will be exhibited in 51 sections. In this session, there are 59,483 booths and 24,429 exhibiting companies in the National Pavilion. The booth arrangement is as follows: 11,925 brand booths and 47,558 general booths,taking up 20% and 80% respectively. The number of exhibiting companies in 3 phases is: 8,640 in Phase 1, 7,360 in Phase 2, and 8,429 in Phase 3.

TheInternational Pavilion will be set up in Phase 1 and Phase 3, with an area of 20,000 square meters. There are 983 booths and 6 product zones, and 620 enterprises from 33 countries and regions, among which 341 enterprises or 583 booths are from the Belt and Road countries.

The Canton Fair has gathered more than 160,000 categories of products of 25,000 companies all over China, a stage to demonstrate to the world China’s progress made in the supply front of foreign trade and industrial transformation and upgrading.

In the coming session, exhibitors will focus on innovation-driven development and cultivate their new competitive advantages in the foreign trade sector based on technology, brand, quality,service and standards, and improve their global competitiveness of both products and companies.

Many leading companies with self-owned IPR, brands and core technology will bring their latest products, and smart, premium,custom-made, green and low carbon products with own brands have become the latest trend.

Xu said that we’ve used big data for targeted marketing to improve promotion. On the one hand, we’ve strengthened promotion in Belt and Road countries; direct mails of invitation sent to these countries accounted for 48% of the total.

Promotional teams are led to 12 countries and visited over 60 facilities including government departments for trade promotion, chambers of commerce and exhibition corporations, and held 8 promotional activities in various forms. Around the globe, Internet promotion campaigns were held in 17 cities of 17 countries. The second- and third-tier markets were explored to cover all major continents.

On the other hand, show organizing team made new changes in the pattern of promotion to make it more targeted. They built six international social media platforms with their characteristics and focused on Facebook and LinkedIn. On key themes and markets, online and offline engagement marketing was conducted. There was innovation in targeted marketing mode and optimized marketing content and promotion channel based on target markets and key industries.

They further developed the I-invite series activities to improve conversion rate, carried out Buyer Incentive Program for inviting buyers,enlarged the ARNB target countries to 88, enhanced partnership with airlines to provide customized discount and convenient business travel experience.

They also stepped up Overseas Partnership Program, and signed agreement with 109 overseas industrial and commercial organizations in 67 countries / regions, to build Canton Fair’s global marketing network.

Organizing team will consolidate Canton Fair’s high-end information service and other supporting value-added service to promote its transformation to a multi-functional platform.

Firstly,extend design match-making service. PDC has enlarged its original design fashion show, and attracted over 100 design companies from 14 countries /regions.

Secondly, strive to launch the CF Awards selection. 574 companies with 1086 products have applied for the 2017 CF Awards, both the figures hitting record high.

Thirdly, organize various kinds of forums.Conferences and forums on 8 themes will be held provide comprehensive value-added service and encourage companies to take a path of innovation.

Xu mentioned that the Canton Fair is a window for IPR protection and innovation encouragement by the Chinese government.

Xu introduced that in this session we will continue to drive “Canton Fair + Internet” action plan and the online offline integration, to improve exhibition organization and service quality. Firstly, optimize Exhibitors & Products search system. Based on the search system on official website, we’ve strengthened online offline integration and made new ways of display.Exhibitors & Products will cover all sections and exhibitors and facilitate buyers to make individual sourcing plan beforehand, improve sourcing efficiency and bring more buyers to the exhibitors. Secondly,continue to launch “Highlight Products”. Since the 118th session, we set up the “Highlight Products” column on the website, to promote brand companies in an all-round way. Since its launch, there has been great achievements made; the number of enquiry and clicks on products are both higher than average. By Oct 13, 1737 companies in the “Highlight Products” have uploaded 23,155 pieces of exhibit information. It will continue to be a popular column. Thirdly, improve smart service. We’ve upgraded the Canton Fair website and mobile APP to improve service experience of exhibitors and buyers; extended the service scope of WeChat mini programs on complaint and malfunction reporting, developed new functions such as  exhibitor Badge status enquiry, status enquiry of booth construction drawings report and onsite service worksheet procedure;improved functions of smart information collection of buyers badge application,introduced photo auto-cut technology to improve badge application efficiency.

Xu said that in this session we will continue to consolidate our achievements made in green development. According to the 100% green booth coverage rate goal, we will press ahead green move-in normalization.

Through issuing evaluation and management regulations,innovating competition mode for green booth award, establishing punishment mechanism for exhibitors in breach of the regulation to further improve the quality of green development.

Xu emphasized that in this session we will strive to ensure the stable operation of the fair. We’ve worked closely with relevant departments of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou Municipality to build a comprehensive security and prevention system. A real-name badge application system will be extended to all personnel and security check and verification will be carried out during the entire fair. We’ve also used facial recognition technology to verify information of “person, badge, picture” and search badge application record. We’ve also increased security investment in network information,equipment, food safety, etc. and improved emergency plan, report and procedures to increase our responding capacity.

Canton Fair, will come up with pragmatic measures to support exhibitors’ development. Firstly, relieve the burden of exhibitors. Booth fee will be collected in accordance with the reduced standard in the 119th session to support exhibitors. Booth fee will be canceled for exhibitors from 839 poverty-stricken counties and Quannan County (to which Ministry of Commerce provides assistance).

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