The World Toursim Industry Gathers Around the Most Technological Staging of FITUR in Madrid


International Tourism Trade Fair at the Feria de Madrid venue ©2018 IFEMA

International Tourism Trade Fair, FITUR 2018, is held from the 17th to the 21st of January 2018 at the Feria de Madrid venue .

The Trade Show has grown by 8%, in line with the good moment that the world tourism sector is enjoying and with the record figures in Spain.

International participation has grown by 13%, and includes new countries and new official representations. There has also been a growth in the participation of national representations (3%) and of technological firms (16%).

India will be the FITUR Partner and will be the fifth country by presence in the Trade Show.

FITUR will be breaking ground as an ‘Augmented Trade Show’, since it will premiere the development of a set of tourist and trade show management apps. They will deploy their functionalities with 5G technology in the near future.

The strategy of segmentation has added the new FITUR FESTIVALS to its monographic sections, in response to the growing specialisation and the search for new market niches.
The Trade Show will be generating 260 million euros over its five days, and will strengthen the various sectors connected to tourism in Madrid.

IFEMA kicks off the international schedule of tourism trade fairs with FITUR 2018, the great business and professional meeting platform that will present the latest proposals, destinations and news of world tourism in Madrid between 17th-21st January. Like every year, this staging will allow agents from this industry to establish the lines of work that will set the programme for the whole year. Many business meetings will be held and contacts and business exchanges will be made.

Furthermore, the International Tourism Trade Fair is being held in a highly positive context, with record figures on a national and international level. According to figures provided by the UNWTO, tourist destinations received 1.1 billion international tourists between January and October 2017 (a growth of 7% over the same period in the previous year, or 70 million more international arrivals). Spain has also reached record figures: up until November, 77.8 million international tourists had visited our country, accounting for a growth of 9.1%. Tourist expenditure totalled 82.293 billion euros, for a growth of 12.9%.

Growth of FITUR
This positive scenario will be best reflected in FITUR 2018, which is increasing its content, both national and international, the number of participating companies and its surface area.

This staging will cover 65,500 m2 (4% more) and will have more than 10.000 participating companies from 165 countries and regions, increasing the number of main exhibitors to 816 (8% more overall). It is especially important to mention the 13% increase in international participation, which accounts for 54% of the total, whereas national participation (46% of the total) has grown by 3%.

The regions that have grown the most are Africa (more than 21%), Asia-Pacific and Europe (more than 19% and 15% respectively).

Furthermore, this staging will see the first-time participation of Syria, São Tomé and Príncipe, Bangladesh and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In addition, the international contingent will also include Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Latvia, Mauritius, Puerto Rico and Ukraine. These countries had already participated through companies from their territories, but they are back in FITUR with an official representation.

The 2017 attendance figures of 244,972 visitors, including 135,838 professionals, are expected to be exceeded. Madrid will receive a significant number of visitors because of FITUR, thereby yielding an estimated financial impact of 260 million euros. All hotels are expected to be fully booked and sectors linked to tourism, such as restaurants and retail and leisure businesses, will be highly active.

In this sense, FESTITUR will be held again this year, to coincide with the Trade Show, in collaboration with Madrid Night, the programme of cultural, leisure, business and cuisine activities that aims to highlight the appeal of Madrid as a tourist destination and to boost expenditure in leisure activities, which totalled 12.5 million euros and 190,000 night visits by the FITUR professionals.

For the third year in a row, FITUR has allowed a participating company or destination the chance to become integrated in its communication strategy to gain better advertising and broadcasting. On this occasion, this partner programme has turned INDIA into a FITUR Partner, adding its country brand to this staging and placing the Asian power in a special spotlight during the Trade Show.

In fact, INDIA is the Asian country with the greatest presence in this staging, and one of the top five in the Trade Show as a whole. Under the slogan of ‘Incredible India’, the hall led by the India Tourism Board has witnessed a 35% increase in overall participation, with a greater presence of companies and states/regions, as well as of tour operators that will be present in their own stands.

Source:2018 IFEMA

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