Apelogig Collection Lights Up NY NOW Show with Modern Acrylic Menorah and Shows Star Power with New Challah Covers

Chanukkah Menorah from Apeloig Collection honors Jewish Tradition while reflecting a modern aesthetic.

New York – In the spirit of respecting tradition while appreciating modern design, Apeloig Collection, a design company known for its stylishly innovative acrylic Judaica, will be introducing a new objet d’art for Chanukkah.  Illuminating homes during the Jewish Festival of Lights, this stunning translucent menorah becomes a stylish flower vase during the year creating a magical centerpiece.  Also being launched are two new Challah Covers that meet the high expectations of Apeloig Collection fans and stunning “wood” acrylic design featured in the Challah boards and Mezzuzah cases.

Create a unique Shabbat table design. Enjoy the Apeloig Collection menorah as a flower vase.


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Dimensions:  W 13.5” x H 4” x D 1.5” 
  • Designed for use with oil cup – not wax – candles


Also new to the collection, are two new Challah Cover designs that fully showcase the design-duo’s exceptional talent at creating ritual objects with a modern perspective.  All Apeloig Collection Challah Covers come packaged in a plastic pouch with a button closure, specifically made for storing the challah cover and preventing the cover from wrinkling, dust and other potentially damaging elements.  In addition to offering a beautiful storage option, the pouch makes the challah cover a great gift.

Shabbat Shalom Challah Cover: An Optical Illusion Speaks to the Spiritual Emotions of Shabbat

Launching this season is a Challah Cover with Shabbat Shalom written in Hebrew. Inspired by the magical feel of Shabbat, the design is an optical illusion.  Made with velvet fabric, considered a traditional material, and enhanced with a mesh background popular in the Challah Cover from the core collection.

“Velvet material has been a popular and long used material in challah covers so we wanted to explore it with a modern technique (laser cut),” explained Gabriela.

Rocks Challah Cover: A Natural Evolution of Apeloig Collection Design

This new design is a natural evolution from the first core collection design. It starts in the corner with Apeloig Collection’s signature Star of David and progresses into a scattered modern design. The words Shabbat Shalom are in Hebrew and were a tribute to the many customers who requested the wording. 

Core Collection Challah Covers: A Contemporary Take on Grandma’s Favorite Lace

Apeloig Collection translated the intricate, elegant patterns on grandma’s dollies into an equally beautiful yet contemporary laser-cut version. The cover is made of two distinct fabrics, giving the challah cover the illusion of light and air.  Delicate tulle is layered below an acetate fabric that has been laser-cut with a precise pattern of modern Stars of David. The challah cover is available in eight colors: gold, silver, bronze, taupe, cream, black/white, blue, and eggplant.

The Apeloig Collection also includes:

Mezuzah: Sophisticated Simplicity

Elegant in its simplicity, Apeloig Collection modern mezuzah reminds us that the most beautiful part of the mezuzah is the text within. Available in 16 vibrant colors and four sizes, each handcrafted mezuzah is made out of acrylic that ensures the mezuzah scroll housed inside is always visible.  Each Apeloig Collection mezuzah comes in beautiful custom packaging that’s perfect for gift giving. The collection also includes a new “wood” design style which was inspired by current design trends.

Challah Boards:  Modern Versatility

Made of beautiful translucent acrylic, this modern challah board is as dazzling as it is versatile. Meticulously designed features include a magnetically attached knife that will never harm the acrylic surface, it fits in its own nook and it is flush with the board, a built-in dish for salt or honey and ergonomic borders that make the board easy to grip. Each challah board comes in a custom-designed box with a magnetic closure for long-term storage. The solid Challah Board is available in ten vibrant colors: honey, eggplant, silver, gray, black, gold, smoke, blue, white, and neon.  The striped Challah Board is available in eight distinct colors: honey, eggplant, gray, black, smoke, blue, white, and neon. New to the collection is a “wood” inspired style.


Based in Miami, Apeloig Collection (www.ApeloigCollection.com) has quickly been picked up by retailers in Florida, New York and California, with international locations from Panama to China. The collection has been available to customers worldwide since the launch of the online store in 2014.Named after their beloved grandfather who did not have grandsons to carry on the family name, Apeloig Collection serves as a living memory for all generations.

With backgrounds in design, marketing and fashion, sisters Daniela and Gabriela personally ensure each element of their products reflects their mission to marry tradition and design. Many love the stylish packaging as much as the product inside. The packaging is one reason customers find the Apeloig Collection’s products ideal for gifts for Jewish celebrations. 

For more information of the Apeloig Collection visit on Facebook and Instagram, and find out how the Apeloig sisters celebrate tradition in style on their blog.

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